HOMENEWS CTI Announces Release of Compact CPUs

CTI Announces Release of Compact CPUs

CTI Announces Release of Compact CPUs
CTI is pleased to introduce our new family of Processors for the 2500 Series® Compact I/O System. Featuring the same programming software, and the same communication, remote I/O and data sharing protocols as 2500 Series® Classic Processors, our new Compact Processors work seamlessly with Classic 2500-Cxxx processors and Simatic® 545 and 555 processors to manage everything from small discrete control applications to large process applications with PID loops, alarms, and special mathematical functions.

With the addition of these Processors, our 2500 Series® Compact I/O product line now becomes the 2500 Series® Compact Programmable Automation System.  Three CPU models will be initially available with support for up to 512K user memory, 512 loops & alarms, and 8192 digital & analog I/O. 

Processors may be pre-ordered starting today with first availability expected October 1, 2016. Click below to learn more:

2500C-Cxxx  CPU Product Bulletin

2500 Series Compact Programmable Automation System Product Line Overview