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 About CTI

Since 1980, Control Technology, Inc. (CTI) has been an innovator in factory automation and controls.  From our earliest days as a manufacturer of specialty modules for Texas Instruments (TI), Omron, Allen Bradley and Siemens, and continuing today as a manufacturer of our own robust, high-performance control and supervisory systems, we have a proud tradition of innovative product design, excellent product quality, unfailing reliability, and exceptional service to our customers.

CTI’s business model is unique in the world of industrial controls:  we are relentless in our quest to ensure compatibility across successive generations – in both hardware and software – to help our customers derive the maximum return on their investment.  And we ensure interoperability across the best field, PLC and supervisory products available on the market to allow our customers to achieve the fully integrated process control system of their choice. This unique approach has kept our earliest customers up and running efficiently for more than three decades with the innovative control solutions they need while keeping their total cost of ownership as low as possible.

CTI introduced the automation market’s first-ever TCP/IP module in 1995 and Siemens subsequently private-labeled this module and several other modules until discontinuing the product line in 2003.  Recognizing a need in the market for continued support and enhancement of the robust and popular 505®  product line, CTI introduced new and compatible  I/O modules to seamlessly replace the older TI/Simatic I/O modules, and in 2007, began manufacturing and selling compatible CPUs with state-of-the-art enhancements in functionality and performance.

Today, from its worldwide headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, CTI designs and manufactures advanced control, communication, and I/O products for process control and factory automation.  CTI products utilize the best of today’s technology yet are easy to implement and simple to operate.  Our 2500 Series® PLC system is a compatible replacement for the former Simatic® 505 PLC system, and includes state-of-the-art enhancements in functionality and performance.  Products in the family include controllers, power supplies, bases, remote base controllers, analog and digital I/O, ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, DeviceNet networking modules and specialty I/O modules. While all of our products are compatible with the 505® product line, they are also connectable to many other manufacturers’ products.  This enables our customers to leverage their existing investment in code and commissioning, ensures seamless operation, and minimizes cost when upgrading from current-generation PLCs to the latest CTI product line.  Through key partnerships, we integrate world-class products into our complete process control solutions, or using the broad connectivity and direct integration we provide, our customers are free to use the “best-of-breed” products of their choice.  Currently, CTI has thousands of installations around the world, including in the plants of many of the world’s major industrial companies.

We are proud to build on the TI legacy of robust, intuitive design coupled with ease of implementation and programming to deliver complete automation solutions with unsurpassed reliability and all the performance our customers need at the lowest total cost.  We invite you to learn more about how CTI can help you achieve seamless, secure operations and real-time sharing of data and information to wring more efficiency out of your operations and harness the power of data to optimize your plants.