In the event that your CTI product should fail during or after the warranty period, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will aid in expediting the repair process. The RMA number that is issued should be referenced on the returning equipment's shipping documentation. Additionally, if under warranty, proof of purchase date and serial number must accompany the returned equipment.

An RMA number and the current repair and/or exchange rates can be obtained by contacting the CTI Repair Department at 1-800-537-8398 ext 1954. CTI will accept a Purchase Order, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express as payment for repairs.

When returning any module to CTI, follow proper static control precautions. Keep the module away from polyethylene products, polystyrene products, and all other static producing materials. Packing the module in its original conductive bag is the preferred way to control static problems during shipment. Failure to observe static control precautions may void the warranty. For additional information on static control precautions, contact the CTI Repair Department at 1-800-537-8398 ext 1954.

PLEASE NOTE:  A number of 3rd party repair companies will agree to provide repairs on CTI products.  These are not authorized repairs centers and these companies do not have the required design details and knowledge to provide high quality repairs on CTI products.  To ensure product quality and warranty are not compromised, all products should be returned to the CTI factory for repair.