Whether you are experiencing component failures that are resulting in unplanned downtime, you have unmet capability needs (e.g., faster data exchange with HMI/SCADA), or you are simply concerned about the continued sustainability of your aging control system, it is probably time to consider modernizing your control system. 

CTI offers a hybrid approach that we call Smart ModernizationTM -- a combination of low-risk upgrades and strategic migrations resulting in a modern, efficient, high-performing control system at a low cost with minimal risk, downtime or reprogramming.  

  • Smart Modernization delivers the benefits of a system migration without all the cost and downside risk
  • Smart Modernization is a planned—often phased — approach to improve system reliability, performance, and capability at reduced cost and with minimal downtime,  engineering, reprogramming and recommissioning
  • Smart Modernization leverages and expands the existing automation system infrastructure
  • Smart Modernization keeps the company’s intellectual property intact so that operation and maintenance remain consistent resulting in minimal, if any, retraining and seamless operation for system operators and maintenance personnel

Read more about our Smart Modernization approach here or click here to access a case study on a Smart Modernization plan a leading manufacturer of dry felt implemented in order to solve an Ethernet connectivity problem and to modernize its control systems. 

**For a limited time, CTI is offering a Smart Modernization Refresh program that includes a free on-site assessment to help you determine where your control system(s) might be most vulnerable to age-related failures or technological obsolescence and a prioritized Smart Modernization Refresh plan to modernize or "refresh" your system(s) over time.  

You may click here to downloard the Smart Modernization Refresh Program Guide, and you may click here to request your free assessment.   Read more about how one wastewater treatment customer utilized a Smart Modernization Refresh Plan to future-proof its control systems and ensure preparedness for potential disasters here

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