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2500 Series® System includes processor solutions in two form factors and two families. Our "Classic" system is completely compatible and interchangeable with the Simatic®/TI 505, while our “Compact”  system maintains compatibility but in a much smaller and more modern form factor.  Our “C” family of processors are completely compatible with Simatic®/TI 545 and 555 processors – running the same programs and using the same programming software.  Our new “Janus” family of processors programs with an entirely new and modern IEC-standard based development system and includes extensive communications capabilities to operate in today’s data-centric applications. Janus Processors are compatible with all your existing 2500 Series® Classic and Compact I/O, as well as Simatic 505 I/O.  Janus also includes a feature to emulate CAMP, the HMI/SCADA communications protocol used by the “C” Series processors.  These features make it possible to upgrade the processor in an existing application to add new and more modern functionality, while still preserving the existing I/O and HMI/SCADA systems.

Models differ primarily in user memory size, speed of execution, and numbers of analog loops/alarms. All models include built-in Ethernet, USB, and serial communications, as well as support for a removeable SD flash card. Most models also include built-in Profibus-DP and RS485 Remote I/O.  Classic and Compact CTI processors are programmed using PLC WorkShop Suite by FasTrak SoftWorks and Janus processors are programmed using Janus Workbench Software or "JSoft." 


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