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2500-RBC Profibus Remote Base Controller

2500-RBC Profibus Remote Base Controller

The 2500-RBC Profibus Remote Base Controller (RBC) allows a CTI 2500 Series® or Simatic® 505 I/O base to function as a slave node on a DP I/O channel that complies with the PROFIBUS standard. The Remote Base Controller is a direct replacement for the Siemens® 505-6870 RBC. Note that the 2500-RBC does not provide for programming the PLC over its serial port.


  • Replaces Siemens® 505-6870
  • Compatible with Siemens® S5 and S7 as well as CTI 2500 Series® and Simatic® 505
  • Can be used in all currently available CTI and Siemens® 4, 8, and 16 slot bases
  • Supports communication speeds from 9.6 Kbaud (maximum cable distance per segment: 1200 m) up to 12 Mbaud (maximum cable distance per segment: 100m)
  • Supports all CTI and Siemens® discrete and analog I/O modules
  • GSD file is provided with the RBC to allow configuration by the COM PROFI
  • LED display for error codes and station address

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