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2500 Series® Janus Processors (2500P-JXXX)


2500 Series® Processors (2500-Cx00 and 2500C-Cx00)

Utilities Profibus Master Files

2500P-ACP1 Application Coprocessor

Firmware Workbench Demo Programs for 2500P-ACP1

2500-WB-USB Janus Workbench

Software YouTube Tutorials / Training

2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Communications Processor

Firmware Configuration Software

2500-RBC (Classic)

2500C-RBC-PRF (Compact)

2500S Slice I/O

All Slice I/O Models
2500S-23-1050, 2500S-23-1550, 2500S-23-1250
2500S-26-1050, 2500S-26-1550, 2500S-26-1250
2500S-27-1050, 2500S-27-1550, 2500S-27-1250

2541 Redundant Processor Manager

2500-VPxx-N4-W7R HMI Panel

2572 Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter

Utility Software (DOS)
Diagnostic Software

2572-A Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter

Utility Software (DOS)
Diagnostic Software

2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter

2572-DDS2 Ethernet DDE Server

2573 Serial Interface Adapter with Modbus

2576 DeviceNet™ Scanner

Configuration Software

2577 Profibus DP Slave Adapter

3100 Series™ Software

Other Products


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