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2500C-2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter

The 2500C-2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter is a Compact version of the Classic 2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Ethernet Adapter, which provides network services to CTI 2500 Series®Compact PLCs.  Using the TCP/IP protocol, suitably configured network stations can acquire data from the PLC, send data and programs to the PLC, and exercise supervisory control over the PLC operation. In addition, the PLC can use the 2572-B to access data in other PLC systems equipped with a CTI 2572-B, 2572-A, 2572 or 505-CP2572 modules.

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  • IP address display on front panel
  • No serial connection required to set IP address
  • Auto-sensing for 10/100Mbps networks
  • TCP/IP support includes UDP and TCP
  • Also supports Modbus-TCP and Ethernet/IP protocols
  • Remote programming over Ethernet
  • MMI/HMI connectivity
  • DDE and OPC support available
  • Built-in web server for diagnostics
2500C-2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter

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