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2500P-WB-USB CTI Janus Workbench Software Integrated Development Environment -- "JSoft"

The CTI Janus® Workbench Software Integrated Development Environment ("JSoft®") allows development of programs for Janus PLCs (2500P-Jxxx and 2500C-Jxxx) and Coprocessors (2500P-JACP and 2500P-ACP1).  Programs can be developed in any of the five supported IEC-61131 languages -- or a combination of multiple languages. 


  • Recommended system configuration: Windows 10 or Windows 11, quad-core processor, 8GB RAM
  • Fully supports all five language of the IEC 61131-3 standard
  • Program editors for
    • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
    • Structure Text (ST) and Instruction List (IL)
    • Ladder Diagram (LD)
    • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Available CTI505 Instruction Library extends the JSoft instruction set to include commonly used functions in CTI 2500 Series and Simatic/TI505 programs
  • Full support of OLE drag and drop in all editors
  • Powerful auto-documentation feature (HTML)
  • Quick editing with just-in-time variable declaration
  • Fieldbus configuration tool supporting
    • CAMP Client (for communications over Ethernet to other CTI products)
    • Network Data Exchange (for publish/subscribe communications to other CTI products supporting it)
    • MODBUS Master/Slave (using Ethernet OR Serial ports on 2500P-JACP)
  • Auto-indentation in ST languages
  • Full syntax coloring
  • Auto-completion of variable and function name
  • Monitoring tools for viewing variable and program status in real-time
  • Extensive online debugging tools
  • Optional program source storage on the 2500P-ACP1
  • Network Communications Supported (not all protocols are supported on every product)
    • CAMP Client (TCP, UDP, Multicast)
    • Open Modbus (Client, Server)
    • Ethernet/IP (I/O Scanner, I/O Adapter, Explicit Message Adapter, Tag Server, Tag Client)
    • Serial Modbus (Master, Slave)
    • General ASCII (Send, Receive)
    • Network Data Exchange
    • OPC-UA Server
  • Comes with multiple demo projects for getting started: 
    • Program to generate an SMTP email when triggered
    • General Ethernet TCP/UDP client and server
    • Graphics demo
    • Logging the module into the base as normal I/O (ACP1 only)
    • Serial communications (ACP1 only)
    • MQTT publish and subscribe
    • Ethernet/IP Adapter / Scanner / TagClient
    • Modbus Client and Server
    • Data Logging
    • DataCache I/O back to a CTI CPU
2500P-WB-USB  CTI Janus Workbench Software Integrated Development Environment  --

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