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2500P-J750 Janus PAC with 3MB Project Memory

Our new family of Janus PACs will bring completely new capabilities to the CTI 2500 Series® System.  Designed to work seamlessly with existing Siemens/TI 505® and CTI 2500 Series® Systems as well as to look to the future with state-of-the-art programming, protocols, and capabilities, including direct access to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) using MQTT, these PACs are very fast, agile and optimized for quick, easy and cost-effective communications. Our new Janus PAC includes integrated drivers to a wide variety of protocols, allowing communications with best-in-class I/O, drives, and HMI/SCADA no  matter the manufacturer. It also utilizes CTI's budget- and user-friendly new Janus Workbench Software programming package that includes all IEC programming languages. Initially available in our Classic size, this family now includes fully featured Compact versions as well.


  • Up to 10x execution speed compared to current 2500 Series CPUs
  • Programming is done using CTI’s Janus Workbench Software development package which includes all IEC-61131 languages (SFC, FBD, LD, ST and IL)
  • Built-in Remote I/O and Profibus interfaces with support for all existing 2500 Series discrete and analog modules
  • External SD card for user backup and file transfer while in RUN mode
  • Four Ethernet ports with internal switch that supports simultaneous connection to four different Ethernet networks
  • Embedded HMI function to easily create and view graphics screens for local operator interface directly from the PLC
  • Extensive built-in communications capabilities:
    • Optimized peer-to-peer communications with all CTI CPUs and the ACP1
    • CAMP server for HMI/SCADA access
    • CAMP client for communicating with CTI 2572/2572-x and Cxxx processors
    • Open Modbus client and server
    • EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter/Tag Client/Server
    • MQTT client for direct access to the IIoT
    • OPC-UA server (firmware 1.24 and above)
    • Profinet controller and device (future)
2500P-J750 Janus PAC with 3MB Project Memory

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