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2541 Redundant Processor Manager Module

The 2541 Redundant Processor Manager (RPM) provides an automatic backup solution for 2500 Series® PLCs. If the active PLC fails, the RPM will automatically switch the remote I/O to the standby PLC. Transfer to the standby PLC is bumpless. All remote I/O updates are mirrored to the standby PLC. In addition, up to 4096 words of user-defined critical data can be transferred from the active PLC to the standby PLC every scan. Other non-critical data can be transferred over several scans. The RPM can also switch up to two serially attached operator interface devices.


  • Automatically transfers control to standby PLC upon loss of I/O scan or “heartbeat” pulse from the active PLC
  • Switches both remote I/O and serially attached operator interface devices
  • Enables PLC logic to monitor status and control switchover, if desired.
  • Allows optional manual switchover capability
  • Uses high-reliability relays to directly connect the active PLC and remote I/O without intervening
  • electronics.
  • Defaults to a user-defined switched position on power loss or hardware failure
  • Provides LEDs to visually indicate status of control
  • Transfers up to 4096 words of critical data between active and standby PLCs every scan
2541 Redundant Processor Manager Module

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