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2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Communications Coprocessor

The 2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Communications Coprocessor provides state-of-the-art features and performance for Ethernet communication when using CTI 2500 Series® Processors. It uses a dynamic memory cache to give extremely quick response to queries from HMI systems, with no dependence on CPU scan time. It also provides a fully configurable interface for setting up Modbus-TCP, and CAMP client/server communications. Most importantly, it features a completely new facility which provides peer-peer network communications between PLCs using a new "report on change" protocol - Network Data Exchange.

NOTE: 2500P-ECC1 requires a CTI 2500 Series® Processor for operation.

See a slide show about how the 2500P-ECC1 works.
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2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Communications Coprocessor

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