The 2500P-ACP1 module is a general-purpose auxiliary controller that enhances the capabilities of all CTI 2500 Series® and SIMATIC® 505 PLC systems. This Advanced Function Module includes high-speed processing and multi-protocol communications support to provide existing systems with a significant increase in performance, features, and functionality.



  • Programs using open-standards IEC-61131 languages
  • Exhanges data between RLL program on host PLC and IEC-61131 program
  • Supports Modbus server and client (serial and Ethernet)
  • Supports EtherNet/IP Adapter/Scanner/Tag Client
  • Network Data Exchange with other CTI processors
  • Optimized for high-speed communications with 2500P Series® CPUs
  • Ability to log data in real time to on-board SD card

The 2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Communications Coprocessor provides state-of-the-art features and performance for Ethernet communication when using CTI 2500 Series® Processors. It uses a dynamic memory cache to give extremely quick response to queries from HMI systems, with no dependence on CPU scan time. It also provides a fully configurable interface for setting up Modbus-TCP, and CAMP client/server communications. Most importantly, it features a completely new facility which provides peer-peer network communications between PLCs using a new "report on change" protocol - Network Data Exchange.

The 2572-B Fast Ethernet TCP/IP Adapter is the next generation Ethernet network interface module for 2500 Series® or Simatic® 505 controllers. The 2572-B provides connectivity to Ethernet networks using IEEE 802.3, Ethernet II and Transmission Control/Internet Protocol standards, at 10M or 100M speeds.


  • Direct replacement for 2572-A
  • Compatible with CTI 2572-A, CTI 2572, and Siemens® 505-CP2572
  • New IP address display on front panel
  • No serial connection required to set IP address
  • DHCP address switches eliminated (contact CTI if your application uses DHCP)
  • Auto-sensing for 10/100Mbps networks
  • TCP/IP support includes UDP and TCP
  • Supports Modbus-TCP and Ethernet/IP protocols
  • Remote programming over Ethernet
  • MMI/HMI connectivity
  • DDE and OPC support available
  • Built-in web server for diagnostics

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